Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Meaning of Color...

Have you ever thought about the meaning behind the flowers you are sending? Even though the gesture is always appreciated no matter what kind of flowers you give, there are ways to enhance their significance. And taking their color into account is one of those ways.

Here is a list of the meaning of rose colors you might want to consider for your next arrangement.


  • Red  =  Love, Respect, Passion
  • Red (single rose)  =  “I love you”
  • Deep Burgundy  = Unconscious Beauty
  • White  =  Purity, Innocence, Humility
  • Red and White together  =  Unity
  • Dark Pink  =  Gratitude
  • Light Pink  =  Appreciation, Admiration, Sweetness
  • Yellow  =  Joy, Friendship
  • Orange / Coral  =  Desire, Fascination
  • Peach  =  Sincerity, Modesty
  • Lavender  =  Enchantment, Love at first sight
  • Blue  =  The Unattainable, The Impossible
  • Black  =  Death, Farewell

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