Friday, February 26, 2016

Plants at home can improve our lives

Having plants at home can be extremely beneficial for us. Plants are known for helping purify the air not only outside but also indoors. Due to elements found in furniture, construction materials and other decorative components such as paint, this air in which we spend so much of our time (especially in this cold cold Wisconsin winters) can sometimes be up to ten times worse than the air we breathe outside. Indoor plants can help you cleanse the air you live in both by transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen and by eliminating harmful compounds from the air. According to a study conducted by NASA, over 80 percent of the air’s toxins can be removed by some indoor plants in only one day.  

House plants don’t only help us improve our health physically, but also psychologically. Plants have been proven to brighten-up our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, promote stability, and relax our senses. They can even enhance our concentration and memory. This is why keeping plants scattered around the house can be so good for you and your health!

Recently featured on WFRV Local 5 Live, we have been creating beautiful succulent planters that have received a lot of attention and praise. We love working with succulents, not only because of the beauty they can bring into a home but also because of how much some of their variations, such as Aloe Vera succulents, can improve our way of life. So give us a call and we will custom make a gorgeous planter for your home!

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