Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter really is this week-end.

I know you're all feeling pretty gumpy about our recent visit from "Gabe."  But maybe we should all just chill out and enjoy, think of the white stuff as the soft fluffy fur of the Easter Bunny.  Or you can take my lead, drown yourself in cadburry eggs, stick your nose in some hyacinths and curse out Mother Nature.  You pick!

Speaking of stuff to stick your nose in! How about some gorgeous and locally grown hyacinths and muscari (grape hyacinths).  They are not only lovely but they smell divine!  You do remember what Spring smells like right?

If that doesn't trip your trigger- how about a bunch or two of tulips! They are gorgeous and in all the fabulous spring colors.
Happy Easter Bunnies!

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