Saturday, March 19, 2011

Succulents = Succulence

I cannot tell you how much I adore succulents! I love them outdoors, indoors, in glass, metal, bouquets, everywhere!  They are just so stunning!
Shades of green, silver, pink and when they shoot out a little bloom...swoon.  Even if you don't have a green thumb you can handle succulents, they really thrive on being left alone, they're sort of hermits.  Really though, give them a little water once a week and they're good to go!

We have the perfect way to show some succulent love.  These lovely little hanging ceramic diddies are so fun!  They come in different shapes in either white or green.  They can be planted up with real succulents, accented with a tillandsia, or even one of our super real looking artificials (if you don't trust me on how easy they are- or you just want to hang it up and never think about it again!)

Who wouldn't love this?
Three are coming home with me- I have an accent wall that needs some accenting! :)
Stay tuned as we have the most charming miniature garden accents- I'm talking watering cans the size of your thumb, little bistro tables to invite those fairies to give their wings a rest!

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