Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The beginning of buds n’ bloom…

“We haven’t always had the space that we have now.

We didn’t have a showroom of drapery hardware

and fabrics and home accessories.

We got started by people who trusted us.”

- Josh Steger, Co-owner of buds 'n bloom

Flowers have been a huge part of Jerad’s life; opening a flower shop was his dream since he was a little boy. He was fascinated by flowers, has always loved plants and horticulture, and used to spend half of his afternoons gardening with his grandparents. After receiving his degree in Landscape Horticulture from NWTC, Jerad worked for many flower shops in town. That was where he started to dip his toes in the wedding industry, resulting in enormous success. However, he was still eager to start his own business.

Not too far away, Josh was also hoping for an opportunity to thrive in the creative world. “I learned how to sew at a very young age. The Fiber Arts that I do, I’ve been doing since I was seven. I learned how to knit, crochet and sew in almost the same year,” he says. “So, the draperies and the decorating, and entertaining and gardening, to a large extent in my own life, stem from a really young beginning.” Josh also worked at the SC Grand in college as a banquet server and eventually became an event supervisor. This job allowed him to work on a lot of weddings, and learn a lot about the staging and decorating, and the art of entertaining. But life took Josh in a different direction, pursuing Banking and Insurance careers, thus taking him off his creative path momentarily.

When the two of them met, Jerad shared his dreams with Josh, who, thanks to his banking experience, helped him start his own landscaping company. Josh saw it as a wonderful opportunity to rekindle his love of design, and their first business The Potting Shed and Design was born. That was about two years before buds ‘n bloom was opened, and it started out just as a side business for Jerad’s landscaping and custom-decorating, which included everything from outside planters to the setup of Christmas lights.

Once Jerad’s landscaping got busier in early 2006, he decided to be completely self-employed. They started working out of Jerad’s dad’s basement at first, but business kept growing and growing. Friends, family and neighbors were coming to them for weddings, events and decoration and they lacked the space to create and design. This led to several unorthodox situations. “I’ll never forget sewing draperies for Jerad’s aunt Lynn at her own dining room table,” Josh remembers. He used to go to her house after work (he had a full time job at United Health Care) and sew for hours. “Honestly, it turned out magnificent; I was thankful I did that project,” he says. “We haven’t always had the space that we have now. We didn’t have a showroom of drapery hardware and fabrics and home accessories. We got started by people who trusted us.”

In spring 2007, buds ‘n bloom design studio opened its doors. “It became this vehicle to achieve all of these beautiful decorative things that we do,” says Josh. The name is credited to Ginny Brand, their church choir director, who one Sunday after church said to them, “You’re buds and you’re in bloom. You’re buds ‘n bloom!” It stuck, was catchy and perfect for them. Jerad’s cousin Jen, our marketing director, designed the original pink flower for the logo. “We still don’t know exactly what kind of flower it is,” says Josh laughing. “I call it an abstract cone flower.” It’s simple and beautiful and it fully represents what buds ‘n bloom design studio is; a “rustic meets industrial, modern flower shop,” that strives to maintain its unique, personal and creative touch. “We try to live by our tag words and really be inspired, original and creative,” Josh says. “And that permeates through everything that we do.”

Thanks to Josh, Jerad and their wonderful team, buds 'n bloom will be celebrating its 9-year anniversary this coming Sunday. Come and celebrate with us and enjoy our in-store sales. 19% off select items from Thursday, April 28th to Sunday, May 1st!

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