Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let it snow…

We know sometimes it can be hard looking out the window to grey, white, and no green or color at all. The sun has reached that point in the year in which it does not provide any heat anymore, no matter how bright it shines. Waking up to inches of snow covering our walkways is not a novelty, and we can no longer find it funny when we have to shovel our cars out of the driveway to go to work.

So, the weather may not be cooperating. It may not be brightening-up your mood, and the sight of your constantly-snow-covered backyard might make you long for spring. But remember: You can always fill the house with beautiful indoor plants and grow them under your own roof! 

Orchids are the perfect example of plants that you can easily keep at home during the winter, provided you keep the thermostat between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They thrive in humid conditions, grow best in bright, indirect light, and require minimal care. Water them once a week or once every ten days. Let the water run through the roots until any excess is completely drained from the pot to make sure the orchid doesn’t sit in water at the bottom. Give it lots of love and you will be able to enjoy its beauty for a very long time.

Ferns, Peace Lilies, African Violets and Orchids, to name a few, will help you make home feel closer to spring, and we have all of them at buds n’ bloom. Stop by, choose one, and take it home with you! This way you will bring your own spring inside while snowflakes insist on dancing on the outside.

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