Thursday, October 11, 2012

BOO!!! 20% OFF Halloween

The only way we could love this "Welcome" sign any more is if it was spelled "Velcome" and pronounced with a dracula induced transylvanian accent.  You definitely won't scare anyone off with this halloween decor but we've got plenty of goolish, creepy, crawling, bone-chilling creatures in the shop for those of you who relish in the darker side of halloween.  We didn't want to ruin the scary surprises we have in store for you when you stop in to check it out. 

Spiders, rats, bones "OH MY!"
Glittered owls and this adorable broom that dances and sings a witches tune are just one of many haunted decor on display.
Sneak peak of the scary side...  Stop in and check it out....
If you dare.  Muahahaha haaaaaaaa.....

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