Monday, January 24, 2011

Flower Power {Meaning}

{Photo courtesy of Adam LeSage}

Incorporating flowers with meaning is a great way to add a little something special to your wedding.  If your mom always grew gladiolas maybe you would want to incorporate those in your alter pieces, did your fiance bring you tulips for your first date? Why not include some in your bouquet?

Here are some hidden meaning of flowers:

Allium - good fortune
Amaryllis- pride
Anemone- abandonment (surpsing for such a cutie!)
Anthuruim- attraction (hmmmm)
Aster- beginnings
Chrysanthemum- hope
Crocus- youthful
Daffodil- chivalry
Daisy- innocence
Delphinium- swiftness
Dogwood- endurance
Freesia- calm
Gardenia- grace
Gerbera- purity
Hyacinth- young love
Hydrangea- boastful
Lily- virtue
Orchid- ecstasy (40 days and 40 nights comes to mind!)
Poppy- dreams
Ranunculus- charm (I must agree!)
Rosemary- rememberance
Tulip- hopeless love (tell me about it)

So that above bouquet- turns out it's erotcially boastful! Who knew!?!

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  1. Erotically Boastful!!! LOVE it! Great info about all the flowers, who knew?!!??